Seeing the Awe in God’s Creation

There is something about nature that just calls me to praise God.  The time that He took to make the orchid in all its splendor and all its various forms.ImageImage

Flowers in general are such a gift from God.  Just the beauty of them causes me to smile.ImageImageImageImage

To think of the creativity it took to think up all the different trees and ferns and mosses.

To think that He took this amount of time and pride in making nature so amazingly intricate and beautiful, what does that say about how He cares for you His child?  Pretty awe inspiring isn’t it?

To think that He gave us dominion over all that He had created. Genesis 1:28  Gave us not only great responsibility but made us very privileged of all creation.  That’s just how much God loves His mankind.  He longs after us for fellowship.  Just as the tulips petals reach heavenward for God so God eagerly waits for us to do the same.

Joy – A Woman After God’s Own Heart


One thought on “Seeing the Awe in God’s Creation

  1. Hi Joy, so beautiful are the flowers and thank you for an uplifting message. I posted a Power point I created on Orchids just recently, I will leave you the link…

    Blog Post –

    There was a time that I didn’t see God’s design in His Creation of flowers but having being asked to create a Power Point by a friend on Carnations it was the first one I did, I was thinking there was not much variety in them but I was amazed when I started collecting photos for the P.P in the end I was in tears and asking God for His forgiveness realising I hadn’t even really seen His gift in flowers let alone thanked Him for them, since then I see the beauty of His creation everywhere. I have created many P.P for my friends since then and also teaching ones and have been blessed time and time again both in the beauty of all God’s creation and in the words He gives me.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

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