30 Days of Gratitude – Day 15


Today I’m grateful for the ability to be content.


The Lord has blessed me with the ability to basically have what I desire and know what it is to live relying completely on Him to get you through the month.  I have learned to be content in each situation.  For which I’m eternally grateful.

He has taught me how to be content in His leading.  How He restores my soul with quiet waters and makes me lie down when needed.


He knows what is best for me and always has that in mind.  To know that He has my best interests in mind and that I’ll never lack for anything that I really need, is very comforting and brings much contentment.


Just like His eye is on the Sparrow so is it on you and I.  From the fact that He cares for such a little bird and knows just how it’s doing, we can confer that He is even more concerned about us.  Whom He sent his Son to die for us.


I love this song and it rings in my heart!  Because His eye is on the sparrow I know He watches me.  And if that isn’t cause for contentment I don’t know what is.

Joy – A Fellow Sojourner & A Woman After God’s Own Heart!