30 Days of Gratitude – Day 16


Today I’m grateful for our unsung heroes.


Those men and women in uniform that spend their lives making it possible for us to live free and wonderful lives.


They are working hard and dealing with things we can’t even imagine and some of those wonderful heroes will be doing all this while missing Christmas with their loved ones.  For their selfless acts I’m eternally grateful.  I wish them the safest of Christmases and that they will be able to be reunited with their families soon.


Let’s not forget our wonderful men and women of the military this Christmas time and say prayers for them and thank them when you see one walking down the sidewalk or across the street.  It is the very least we can do for them, after they have done so much for us.

And let’s pray for those and their families who didn’t make it home.  They need our support always but especially during the holidays.  So while we are celebrating let’s not forget those less fortunate than us.


Joy – A Fellow Sojourner & A Woman After God’s Own Heart!


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