Lora’s Lesson – A Short Story – Part 1

If you had asked Lora she would have told you that there was nothing wrong with her. In her eyes she was perfectly alright and in no need of change. But if you asked those close to her they might have said, “She can be cold and prickly.” Or “Sometimes she seems rather hard.” Only one person really might have understood her. One who had been so close at one time that instead of calling each other friends they referred to one another as sisters. But Lynn had been out of the picture for over four years now.

Lora was a conscientious employee and worked very hard for nine years but in the past four years she had become more and more cantankerous, and critical, often blowing up over minor mistakes by fellow employees. In fact lately the other employees had started to avoid her. She’s noticed that she was spending more lunches alone. Puzzled by this, she couldn’t put her finger on the reason why. She had always seen herself as gregarious and outgoing and a lot of fun, all of which were true as long as you didn’t cross her. It was sometimes very tricky to pinpoint what she’s had done. She was very charismatic and cut you with humor while smiling all the time. While you’re left wondering what just happened?

Lora didn’t always abuse her charisma. In fact it is was what attracted Lynn to her in the first place, as well as her humor, playfulness, compassion, loyalty and empathy. Lynn’s heart broke when the friendship fell apart. She has been hoping that they could find a way to reconcile. Her nightly prayer was; “Lord, I know what I did was wrong and I have asked Your forgiveness, which I thank You for giving me. Father, I have tried to speak to Lora to apologize and ask her forgiveness but she won’t take my calls; she returns my mail and refuses to open the door when I go to her house. Lord, please soften her heart that she would be willing to accept my apology and that our friendship would be restored. I so miss the old Lora.”

The two women had been friends since that first day of first grade. They met on the play ground when bullies were taunting Lynn a spunky and feisty Lora came to her rescue. This sealed their friendship. Not that Lynn needed defending but even at that tender age Lora had a tender heart coupled with a take charge streak.

Time went on, and when the girls reached high school they blossomed into beautiful, popular, young women. They were both on the girls varsity volleyball team. Lora was of course the team captain. They were also very involved in the drama department. This is where Lynn shone. She got the lead in nearly every production, and Lora was always there to cheer her on.

In her junior year, Lynn fell madly in love with Curtis Madding the varsity quarterback. They started dating in November and things started getting serious by Christmas. She started feeling pressured to go all the way. Curtis had big plans for New Year’s Eve. When he let Lynn in on the scheme she felt half exhilarated but mostly terrified. She had visions of how the night would go; dinner at a fancy restaurant, going dancing afterwards, and then a romantic intimate encounter in the hotel room. Things were going just as Lynn had imagined. They had a lovely dinner at “Pierre’s” the most expensive restaurant in town. Curtis had arranged for fake ID’s for them and Lora and her date Tom. So after dinner the four of them met at the “Club Venice”. Lynn was apprehensive about this because she had seen Curtis overdue on alcohol before and really didn’t want to be around him when he was drunk. As she suspected the first thing Curtis did at the club was to order a beer and chasers. She went to Lora and said, “I’m getting scared, Curtis keeps drinking and he is getting more and more aggressive, and demanding. I tried to get him to stop but he pinned me against the wall. Can you and Tom please give me a ride home?” Lora was distracted by the party atmosphere had no desire to leave so she replied, “Oh, Lynn don’t be such a baby. It’ll be okay. He’ll probably just pass out and sleep it off.” Lynn asked, “Do you have your cell phone so I could call a ride home or some change for the phone?” Lora responded, “No I didn’t bring a purse with me I knew Tom would be taking care of everything. Buck up everything will be okay, your such a worry wort.” Lynn walked away feeling deflated and abandoned. She then realized that she had no money to call her mom and dad and left her cell phone charging; she realized Curtis was her only way home, perhaps she could reason with him. Deciding to numb her fears she ordered a rum and coke. She was still nursing it when midnight hit and Curtis pulled her toward him and gave her a sloppy French kiss then said, “Come on baby it’s time to go.” He grabbed Lynn’s arm hard and dragging her out of there, much to her dismay. Before she knew it she was in his truck on the way to the room. All the way she kept telling Curtis, “Please, no! I don’t want to anymore! I’ve changed my mind! Curtis, please take me home! Oh, please, please, no!” Curtis replied only once, “Look you stop being such a tease! I’ll take you home when the evening is over and it’s not over yet you bitch!”


Curtesy An Act Of Love

In this world of looking out for self and business curtesy has all but fallen by the way side. But as lights in a dark world how easy is it to display God’s love by just being courteous to a stranger. You might call this random acts of kindness. But honestly how difficult and costly is it to let another car into your lane. Something I noticed on the long drive home from my sister’s house today. It didn’t cost me a thing and it made the life of the other driver a little easier in the traffic.

It got me thinking how often do I do something purely for the benefit of someone else? When you see someone looking especially good, do you let them know? When someone has been of help, do you praise them or at the least thank them? Or do you take it for granted. These include your spouse. How do you react when you spouse goes out of his/her way to do something nice or special for you?

What a wonderful place the world would be if we took the time to be courteous to one another. It’s contagious you know. Once it’s been done to you, as long as your aware of it and don’t ignore or overlook it, you want to make someone else feel what you felt.

We are to shine God’s love to the world and what better way to start that then through being courteous to everyone around us. Ask God for ways in which to be a blessing to someone else. Ask God who He wants you to bless. Then do it! You may think that they are reaping the rewards but the joy that will fill your soul knowing that in some small way you are shining the light of God on people, you’re truly the one being blessed.

Let me encourage you wether you want to call it being courteous or random acts of kindness. Open the door for a stranger, compliment a strangers outfit or hair or suit or shoes, compliment a young mom on her children or an older dapper man on his style. The most important thing is these have to come from the heart. A phony will be found out in an instant and then you’ve ruined your light because a lie is from darkness and we want no part of that.

Light can not live with darkness. So make sure whatever you do comes from a heart of truth, honesty and love.Make sure most importantly it comes from love – where God lives. As long as that is basis of the act it will be blessed by God.

Ask God to help you keep your ears and eyes open for opportunities to act. Then enjoy blessing others and enjoy the blessing that will be to you.

Joy – A Woman After God’s Own Heart