Disappointment Or God’s Plan A

How do you handle disappointment? When things don’t go the way you want them to. Do you lay down and through an all out fit? Do you cry out, “Why me”? Do you go into a pout? Do you get angry? Does that anger get violent? Or does that anger turn inward and become depression?

Whatever we are disappointed about we feel that our Plan A went horribly wrong. We don’t understand, when we had it so carefully planed out, why it didn’t work out. Was it the weather that messed up your plans? Did someone else’s life interrupt your plans? Was the timing just off?

Or could it have been that it was never God’s Plan A for you in the first place. Yes God has a plan for your life and even what may seem mundane is an intro gate part of God’s Plan. Plan A never changes, it is the life long plan God has for you. But as we miss God given opportunities to move ahead in our course, God makes adjustments in the setting of the rudder to keep us on course. His purposes are never missed. No matter how many times we may miss the chances He gives us. He is always ahead of us in His planning. That’s why the ship is never truly off course.

All is a learning and growing opportunity. So that we may become complete and mature in Christ Jesus. So whether the weather or life interrupted your plans or the timing was just off, let it go and realize that just possibly they were being used as the hand of God to redirect your rudder in the direction He has in mind for you.

Joy – A Woman After God’s Own Heart