Seeing From God’s Perspective

Max Lucado has some very interesting things to share on this in his devotional, “Grace for the Moment Volume II: More Inspirational Thoughts for Each Day of the Year”

God Sees What We Can’t

“No one is like the LORD our God, who rules from heaven.”  – Psalm 113:5

On a trip to the United Kingdom, our family visited a castle.  In the center of the garden sat a maze.  Row after row of shoulder-high hedges, leading to one dead end after another.  Successfully navigate the labyrinth, and discover the door to a tall tower in the center of the garden.  Were you to look at our family pictures of the trip, you’d see four of five family members standing on the top of the tower. Hmmm, someone is still on the ground.  Guess who?  I was stuck in the foliage I just couldn’t figure out which way to go.

Ah, but then I heard a voice from above.  “Hey, Dad.” I looked up to see Sara, peering through the turret at the top.  “You’re going the wrong way,” she explained. “Back up and turn right.”

Do you think I trusted her? I didn’t have to.  But do you know what I did?  I listened.  Her vantage point was better than mine.  She was above the maze.  She could see what I couldn’t.

Don’t you think we should do the same with God?

Max Lucado makes a great point here.  It seems to be so simple to let God who sees all from heaven and knows all to give in to His perspective or still small voice calling us to “Back up and turn right”.   But in comes choice and pride and the voice, “I know what I’m doing.  I can do it.  I’ll do it by myself.”  We sound like toddlers attempting to exert our rights.  But just like the toddlers parents that knows what’s best for him or her so does our Heavenly Father knows what’s best.

The toddler is in a hurry to be like the parent without listening to the parent.  It doesn’t work for the toddler and it doesn’t work for us.  We must bow down to God’s perspective.  He has a greater vantage point than us.  Not only is He looking from the vantage of Heaven and the present but eternity future.  He can see the whole picture while we can not.  After all He is God, we are not!

Any time we try to put ourselves in the place where God should be we sin and we will find that life will become as difficult as trying to go through that maze in the dead of night, difficult, confusing, near to impossible to navigate, scary, worrisome, anxiety causing and a host of other miserable things that are unnecessary if we just listen to God and follow His leading.

We need to put our pride aside, leave the toddler stage and mature to at the least young adults that will not only listen to the whispers of the Lord but in obedience follow that guidance.  Once we’ve done that we are well on our way to living the abundant life God has in store for us.

Joy – A Woman After God’s Own Heart